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With our digital solutions we offer you

  •  an improvement in productivity, through automation as well an optimization of the workflow processes
  •  Avoidance of paper waste and reduction of operating costs
  •  Increase in turnover, through more efficient working
  •  professional, modern and feature-rich websites
  •  a partner with whom you will find a digital solution to your analogue problem!
Let's go!

Four Qualities that speak for us

Access from anywhere

Whether you are on the move, in office or at home

access from anywhereaccess from office

Avoid piles of paper and reduce costs

Avoidable costs arise for printers, paper, toner, ink, printer maintenance, sending documents, etc.

stop paper filessave money

Intuitive usability and multi-device design

Usability is quite self-explanatory and savepaper.work is optimized for all devices, whether laptop, smartphone or tablet.

easy usagepaperless working

The right way

Go with us towards future. Improve communication in your team and ensure rapid decisions.

right wayfast communication

Our goal

is to save paperwork through digitalization. For this we would like to cover every conceivable sector. We will find a digital solution for your analog problem, guaranteed! No matter whether company or private person, we save you the paperwork. There is a huge potential to avoid paperwork through digitalization. In the professional sector, for example, duty rosters. Changes mean renewed printing, preferred shifts of employees are often unknowingly not taken under consideration, vacation or sickness reports cannot be efficiently communicated and scheduled. For the private sector, let's take wedding sites as an example. Any possible questions, from your guests, that are known in advance cannot all be covered on the invitation. Once it comes to the response of the guests, it becomes confusing - From whom is there no response yet, how many of the guests are Vegetarians, etc. - Stop dealing with your analog problems and find the digital solution to them on SavePaper.work!

Solve analog problems digitally

Safety first

Server location Germany

Consequently, German law applies - it is one of the strictest in relation to data protection, an important factor for us. Because we take it for granted to protect our customer data in a focused and long-term manner.

Certified data center

ISO-27001 certified Tier3+ data center.

For the power supply of the servers we use green energy. The electricity generation is therefore based on hydropower and renewable energies.

Secure connection

All communication from you to our servers/from our servers to you is encrypted via TLS 1.3 and thus a secure connection. This protects your data from unauthorized access.

Password protection

For us it is a self-evident necessity to protect your data and especially your password in the best possible way, since especially the password is often used for various services out of convenience. Passwords are therefore not stored in plain text but in a way that makes them worthless for hackers.

planning current and upcoming features
Our Mission

We just started and therefore stand at the beginning of a tremendous potential, to avoid paperwork through digitalization. If you have a topic that would save you paperwork, we look forward to your feature request. Feel free to contact us, anytime!

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