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Be it reading and writing e-mails, forums, browser games or even online banking, a password is needed for everything - preferably an individual one and as secure as possible! Since there are many different passwords to remember, people often fall back on the practice of using a single password for different websites. Unfortunately, there is a high risk that someone will get hold of this "universal password\" and thus have access to all accounts at once. This is a problem that every Internet user knows. Password identification is indispensable and a natural part of everyday life for most people who want to use a service on the Internet. Users are usually extremely careless with the security of their passwords, especially when using a password for various services. The name of the own pet, the favorite band or simple words like "secret" are easy to remember, but exceedingly insecure. A password online generator is an application that uses a programmed sequence of random characters to create disjointed combinations of characters. These can be used by users as passwords for diverse online accesses. When using a password generator in German, it should be noted that corresponding umlauts and the eszett are not included. This could cause problems if a foreign keyboard is used and it is not equipped with the corresponding characters. The same applies to letters with accents, tildes and the like. Password generator: A password will be created with random letters and a certain number of characters. Users simply need to be aware that 100% security on the Internet can never be guaranteed, but the longer a password is and the more "random" character combinations it contains, the more secure it becomes. In this way, it can take years to crack/automatically guess it. By using a password generated by a password generator, the accounts created on the Internet are relatively secure. Basically, passwords should contain upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and ideally also special characters. Passwords with a personal reference are easy to remember, but also just as easy to crack. The password generator helps to make your password at least eight characters long. By browsing insecure sites or similar, your email address can be the victim of a hacker attack. If an insecure password has been chosen the foreign person has quickly managed to gain access to the email inbox. By checking the mailbox, the hacker will quickly realize whether you have a PayPal account, for example, and the consequences of accessing this account can be imagined - no one wants that! A password generator is a good step to be better armed against data theft. Passwords are cryptic combinations of characters that increase security - ideally not your birthday or your partner's name. When using various passwords, it is impossible to keep them all in mind. For this purpose, password management services can be used or also offline tools such as KeePass, among others. Let us generate a secure password for you, automatically. Numbers and special characters are generally recommended, because additional characters increase the possibility of not guessing a password exponentially. Numbers and special characters are generally recommended, because additional characters increase the possibility of guessing a password exponentially. Similar to the umlauts, it should be ensured that characters are used which are globally common and can be found on as many keyboards as possible. A password generic increases the security of your password. If you want to create a password yourself, you can also use so-called "passphrases". Instead of the random combinations that a generator creates, these are primarily several words, secondly, they make sense. The password generator is a machine random algorithm, which generates secure passwords at the push of a button. A good password should be at least eight characters long and a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Ideally, instead of a password, it should be a passphrase consisting of several words. A random password is much more secure than a single word, short terms or sentences with a personal reference.