Your own wedding site

Free of charge configuration

You can configure and view your wedding page completely free of charge. So you know exactly how the final page will look for your guests.

Invitation system

An invitation code is generated for each of your guests. By using the code, your guests can access and browse the website. This allows you to keep track of your invitations at all times - Who has confirmed, who has declined and where has not yet received feedback.


On the front page of your wedding site, your guests will know at first glance the date, as well as the remaining days, minutes and seconds, to the probably most beautiful day of your life!


Your wedding page can only be viewed by the guests invited by you! That is ensured by the invitation code which was generated for the respective guest.

Guests feedback as well as FAQ

You can define the questions for your guests individually, e.g. pre-selection of the menu or to ask if the guest is a vegetarian, etc. - Decide what kind of questions you would like to ask them. In addition, there is the possibility to create a FAQ, in which possible questions of your guests can be answered in advance.

Locations and much more

You can let your guests know in advance where things will take place. Create a photo gallery together with your guests if you wish, allowing each guest to add their pictures to the gallery. Discover all the possibilities by directly configuring your own wedding site right now!

News from the press

Wedding planning is a matter that should not be underestimated, because there are a lot of things that every couple has to consider. will help you organize your wedding and provide your guests with all the information they need. It can be difficult to keep track of your guests, which is why optimal organization is important. Creating a modern and beautiful wedding website is the ideal solution to get to know your guests better. This way, you will learn everything you want and need to know about the people who will participate in your event. Based on the responses you received, it will be easy to take decisions and plan better, which will definitely ease the organization of your wedding.

Create wedding homepage for free

To get an impression of the configuration options, you can try them out for free and without additional costs. Accordingly, there is nothing to stop you from simply configuring a personal wedding website. This way, you can create your own wedding homepage and use all the tools provided to personalize your site the way you want it. Create something truly special and build a great homepage for your wedding day.

Why a wedding website?

A wedding page can be a great help for your guests, as you probably have noticed by now. It is really advisable to set up a wedding homepage where you and your guests can keep up-to-date with the details of your wedding. This type of service is offered by, allowing you to receive full notice of all the details regarding your wedding. You will be able to provide any information to your guests anytime, so that they can keep track of all the details of your wedding. Also, take the opportunity to tell your guests your love story. Where did you met each other, etc. - a little info about the groom as well as the bride may also get the guests to think about wedding gifts fitting to it. Make sure to tell your guests everything important about your wedding, such as the date, time, location, and dress code.

Digital wedding invitations and guest management

The invitation system is a real enrichment that you will especially like. All guests can be invited paperless, digitally through suitably designed email invitation. An invitation code is generated by the system for each guest. By using the code which has generated by the application, each guest will be able to access the website. Through the email invitation, every guest can access the wedding site with just one click, additionally the code is mentioned again. If desired, the code can of course also be communicated to all guests personally or via classic paper mailings. The wedding webpage is user-friendly and optimized for all devices, which means that your guests will be happy to access the website - whether from a smartphone or a PC at home, the content of your wedding website will be automatically adjusted for the respective screen size. Guests will have plenty of options and learn a variety of engaging details about your wedding. In addition, they can tell you important info in advance, so you can plan and organize for yourself with confidence. By using this tool, you can keep track of your invitations and avoid stress in the first place. From whom have you not yet received a reply? Who is attending? Who is not joining the event? No matter how many questions you will have concerning your guests, with your own wedding website from, they can all be easily clarified in advance. This way, you can always see where you stand with your invitations. It is important to inform yourself about the guests, because without it, the organization of the event will be certainly much more complicated or will even become a flop.

Inform your guests

The information should be accessible for your guests at any time, which is why you should provide them with an opportunity to check at any time. Of course, the date and the remaining time until the wedding celebration should not be forgotten. Therefore, the wedding homepage, shows the guests how much time is left until the big day down to the exact second, with the help of a counter. The homepage will be a nice memory even after the wedding, which you will remember for a long time. For example, you can see at a glance how long you have been married.

Protection of privacy

It is also important that this service offers you the privacy you are truly looking for. The only people who can see your page are your guests - in case you prefer to have a public website, this is of course also possible at any time. The platform is designed with privacy in mind, which means that every person who signs up to your wedding website will use their invitation code. This way, feedback can be assigned to the specific guest as well, or block access to a certain guest. So you can enjoy peace of mind that no other person has access to your private data and all information is properly protected. Above all, everything is stored on German servers, even the images of the gallery - other providers are unfortunately no idol here because their storage often takes place in other countries, for their servers of course does not apply the German law which is one of the strictest in terms of data protection. is therefore an excellent choice as a provider if data privacy is important to you.

FAQ for wedding guests and online responses

Your guests will have a lot of questions, and therefore it is especially important that as many of them can be clarified in advance. With your own wedding page, this is easily possible. For this purpose, you can summarize or create simple questions and answers in a FAQ. For questions that you would like to have answered by your guests, i.e. a FAQ is not sufficient, any desired questions can be dynamically added to a reply form. For example, you can ask your guests if they are vegetarians, what they would like to drink (possibly through a predefined selection of certain drinks) or what their favorite song is, considering often-mentioned songs for the evening in order to bring as many people as possible to the dance floor. It is up to you to find the right questions for the people who will come to your wedding. Anyway, with the service of you have all the possibilities to accomplish all that.

Gallery for your wedding photos & wedding videos

An online gallery is also part of the offer. Here you decide, with a simple activate or deactivate of the functionality, whether your guests can also contribute pictures and videos. The individual gallery elements can be easily managed, so you can create self-defined categories to avoid a picture chaos. This way you can easily create a slideshow of the wedding ceremony or any other category, just as you wish.

Daily schedule and locations

At a wedding, the daily schedule should be planned in advance, this is also interesting for your guests to know beforehand. When and where will the wedding take place? What time will the ceremony begin, and where? Is there a planned group photo, if so at what time and where is it taken? There are many such questions and without your own wedding webpage it will be difficult to announce. With the help of the wedding site offered by this is no longer a problem. It is very easy to add further locations/planned activities, the daily agenda - optionally a time can be defined in each case and also a link to an external website can be set. By this way, e.g. Google Maps links, the website of a restaurant, or such, can be perfectly interlinked with the own wedding website.

Stay on top of things

Even if you are planning your wedding by yourself or using professional wedding planners, you can use a service like this. Create a modern and beautiful wedding site! Planning is one thing that you need to get a handle on, because you can't lose track when you're faced with decisions, invitation lists and other things. Therefore, you should always be well-informed when it comes to your wedding, and a service like this can help you out in taking the best possible decisions.

Determine a budget

This is one of the most important factors to take into mind. Make sure your wedding budget is within a reasonable range and reflect it in your decisions. If your family is contributing to the wedding budget, be sure to ask them how much they will be contributing because you need a straight overview. When it comes to budgeting, you also need to be prepared for a reality check. Many couples are unaware of the costs that come along with a wedding. Unnecessary expenses can be avoided by asking appropriate questions to your guests via the reply form of your wedding homepage, in advance.

Define priorities

Prior a wedding, it is also necessary to sit down together and think about all the priorities. Consider all the important parts of your wedding and make the proper decisions based on these points. Prioritizing the details and considering the fact that you will probably have to come up with compromises are some of the things you should keep in mind when planning your wedding. This way, your budget will stay in line and you will be able to host the event without any hassle.

The bridal style

You also need to consider the look of the bride. There are a lot of sources on the internet that you can get inspiration from. Visit Pinterest, Instagram, read magazines and get inspired. Creating Pinterest boards can help you find the best outfit. In any case, start researching early to find out what suits you best. After all, you don't want to overwhelm yourself with all the wedding inspiration that's out there - so take your time.

Put in order

This is the most important thing in wedding planning and having your own wedding site will help you with this. You can have it all lined up online and subsequently manage every part of your wedding along with it. A wedding website can be exactly what you need to organize everything, which is why you should definitely use it. If this is not already included in your planning, you should consider it because it is really hard to keep everything under control when planning well in advance. There will certainly be some things that you will forget or lose track of. Annoying repeated preliminary questions are also something that can be easily avoided. After all, even if you haven't included a question in your FAQ that one of your guests asks you, it can be quickly added. This spares you from having to answer the same questions multiple times - thereby saving time and nerves. In this way you can concentrate on the essentials, the preparation of your wedding.

Keep everything in sight

When it comes down to the wedding, you'll need an overview of everything, so prepare for that. Be sure to make lists and be aware that things can change. When making these lists, you need to organize your goals by urgency, but try not to overwhelm yourself with everything at once.

Further aspects to be considered

Think about your guest lists, as this is sometimes the most important part of wedding planning. You can sit down with your partner and key family members to make your guest list. For the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, be sure to add the common questions. Can the guests' children come along? Are animal attendants allowed to be present? A good idea is to talk to a married couple. They will give you some insight into how their marriage went. They will probably be able to give you some tips and tricks about their wedding. You should also keep in mind that family and friends are your best source for advise so you should reach out to them for assistance. However, before you sign any contract, you should read it carefully and look at every detail. Make sure you have all the ins and outs taken out there, as if there are any problems, there is usually not much you can do about it, afterwards. Put everything in the contract, such as the date, location, time, and amount of deposit. You should discuss with your partner to determine the scope of your wedding. Keep track of all costs and figure out what things work well for both of you. Think about all possible options and you will be able to make the best day of your life a reality.

Overall, it can be summarized that nowadays you should not dispense with your own wedding website under any circumstances, is herefore the optimal partner to achieve that.